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About Dr Yaroslav Mayorchak

I was born 24/10/79 in Lviv (Western Ukraine). When I was 4 years of age my father's father (Principal of School never a smoker) was diagnosed with large right upper lobe lung cancer growing into the right atrium and SVC, upper 3 ribs.  He was deemed inoperable and terminal (3 weeks to live) in Lviv (our region). However, my father pulled all the resources together and took Grandpa to Moscow for salvage radio therapy and salvage mega surgery that followed. The operation involved resection of right upper lobe, right upper chest wall, SVC resection with grafting, resection of pericardial sac and upper part of the heart (15 hours). My grandfather died 16 years later from the heart attack. I was 4 years old when I knew I would be dealing with lung cancer for the rest of my life. Graduated from high school at 15 years of age (with golden medal) after skipping forward few times due to academic merit. Arrived in Australia in 1995 for family reunion with maternal grandmother. Did HSC equivalent at UFS (UNSW), enrolled into MBBS degree at (UNSW). Was one of the best students with GPA of 81% however needed to return to Ukraine for personal reasons (father's heart attack) after year 2. Graduated from Lviv State Medical university including internship in 2003. Became a General/Thoracic surgeon overseas. Returned to Australia in 2006 and trained in general surgery and cardiothoracic surgery. Cardiothoracic training included Westmead Childrens Hospital congenital cardiac in 2013, minimally invasive thoracic fellowship at St Vincents Melbourne Hospital 2014. Cardiothoracic training at Westmead hospital 2015 and 2016. Cardiothoracic at Liverpool hospital 2017. Thoracic post training fellowship at Nepean Hospital 2018 and 2019. Cardiothoracic post training fellowship at Prince of Wales Hospital 2019. I am a proud 3rd generation medical practitioner, 2nd generation surgeon. Since 2020 consultant appointments are avaliable at the mentioned hospitals on Locations page.


The awards Dr Yaroslav Mayorchak received in recent years.

Research Publications

Top journals

  • Heart, Lung and Circulation 

  • ANZ Journal of Surgery 

  • The Journal of cardiovascular surgery 

  • Ear, Nose, & Throat Journal 


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